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Creating a safe place to Ride, Climb, Belong & Serve!

FortB wants to give each Student-Athlete a chance to be a part of something bigger than themselves. 

We Strongly desire to create a positive culture into the Action Sports Community by offering a safe place to hear about God's gift of love, forgiveness and plan for their lives'. 

FortB. Virtual Fitness 2021 Challenge  

FortB. invites you to join our 2021 Fundraiser for the Fort Barachel Foundation.  You are invited to the Fort Barachel Virtual Fitness 2021 Challenge!

All proceeds benefit Fort Barachel Foundation of Central Florida and Fort Barachel Burundi, Africa. 


Invite a friend, Join a team, Get Fit!

We have 2 Virtual Missions Below

Your virtual challenge is to complete then Central Florida -East to West- Virtual Challenge OR You may choose to go From North Burundi to South Burundi, Africa. 

Fort B. Virtual

Mission Details:

From: Daytona Beach, Florida

To: St. Pete Beach, Florida

Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 10.57.10

Fort B. Virtual

Mission Details:

From: North Burundi, Africa

To: South Burundi, Africa

We are a non-profit organization working for the public interest to promote arts, sports, culture and entrepreneurship to support grassroots communities in realization of socio-economic development in Burundi – the Heart of Africa.



Users set up a long distance mission either individually or in groups. After each exercise session, such as running, walking, cycling etc the user advances along their mission path towards the goal based on the distance they just exercised. E.g. If the mission is to cycle across the country and the person goes for a ride on their bike for 20 miles then they will advance 20 miles towards completing their mission.

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