We Are Winter Garden is the number #1 Guide to Winter Garden. We engage with 90,000 people every month and reach over 160,000 people. From videos to upcoming events, we continue to deliver beautifully immersive content of Winter Garden. Join us as we engage with our community with a message of love and positivity #wearewg


Chris Chan


Creator and Co-Founder of We Are Winter Garden. Director, Producer, Lead Designer, Video Editor, Graphic Animations,

Patrick Bottinelli

Patrick Bottinelli

Project Manager

Co-Founder of We Are Winter Garden. Drone Pilot, video production, video editing, graphics, augmented reality and design.

Tricia Jane Wiles

Creative Producer

Project Manager, On-Air Talent,

Voice Over, Singer, Actor


Marc Jablon


Co-Founder of We Are Winter Garden. Promotional Products


Jenni Chan

Creative Producer

Community Influencer, On-Air Talent, Voice Over, Singer, Actor.

Tracy Lewis

Brand Ambassador

Founder and Admin of the Winter Garden Community FB Group. 

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