Marketing in Winter Garden?

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Winter Garden FEATURED members receive a ton of amazing benefits! Not only do you get all the marketing support that is listed below, when you become a member you are also supporting the Winter Garden community.

$750 per year

Here's what's included:

Website Lisiting

Directory Map

FB Group Posts

Featured Ad

Your Logo Animated

QR Code

Augmented Reality

Featured Food Section

Member Support

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*Included with your Featured membership

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Advertising in Winter Garden

Promote your business in Downtown Winter Garden, Winter Garden Village, Hamlin and West Orange County

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Advertise  on Your Community App

Share your message to the 10k people who have already downloaded the Winter Garden app.

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Marketing Benefits

As a member of We Are Winter Garden you get exclusive deals and discounts for content creation, promotional materials and advertising.

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Every December we host the 25 Days of Giveaways where businesses sponsors a full day on our page to giveaway products or services.

Take a look at our Giveaways Page to see how it all works.

$750 Includes, advertising on one Facebook Page (We Are WG), Website Giveaway Page, on the WG App under the featured section, a short Video with your logo, and a teaser video leading up to the contest.


*Add additional Facebook and Instagram pages for $400 per page or have your contest promoted on ALL pages for $1,000. Scheduled contests include.