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Denise Fisher

Trusted WG Business

Proudly serving AFLAC since 2002. An Independent Associate Representing AFLAC


  • Denise Fisher AFLAC special projects coordinator with AFLAC – serving our local business’s since 2002

  • AFLAC Million Dollar club producer

  • Specializing in customer service – we offer local claims assistant and any AFLAC customer service needs

  • AFLAC provides affordable supplemental insurance needs to business’s who are looking to provide something for their employee’s- without “breaking the bank”

  • AFLAC offers and extra measure of  “financial peace of mind” to our Policy  holders

  • AFLAC is different than health insurance – It’s insurance for Daily living

  • AFLAC pays you cash to use as you see fit

  • AFLAC belongs to you – not the company

  • AFLAC pays you cash even when you are healthy – with our wellness program

4117 Fairview Vista Point #202
Orlando, FL 32804

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