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Bowen Kou arrived in America at the age of 19, equipped with nothing but the clothes on his back and a dream. His academic journey led him to Michigan State University. During a summer break, Kou returned to China to visit his family, bringing along an American Bible as a gift for his Christian grandmother. This act, however, resulted in both Kou and his grandmother's arrest, leading to a harrowing two-week jail stay before their release on bail.

Facing persecution, Kou was advised by his parents to leave China permanently, with their parting words, "Do Not Return," leaving a profound impact on him. He has since not returned to China, viewing his residence in America as a necessary sacrifice for his freedom.

Kou's entrepreneurial journey in America started with buying and selling textbooks, a venture he later sold to purchase his first grocery store, initially employing three people. Over time, Kou expanded his business, now owning nine grocery stores and providing livelihoods for more than 500 families. Bowen Kou's story is a testament to the opportunities and freedoms offered by America, showcasing his resilience and entrepreneurial spirit.

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