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Physical Therapist

At Connected Movement, your premier sports chiropractic and functional movement therapy in Orlando, Florida, we understand the common flaws in traditional injury and performance evaluation. That's why we've revolutionized how we approach healthcare, focusing on a unique 4-phase process that integrates all aspects of care. Unlike 99% of standard evaluations that miss out on critical steps, we employ a method that ensures a proper assessment of your real issue. Health care doesn't need to be fragmented or confusing. With our integrative approach, you can receive 90% of your injury healthcare in one convenient location, under one comprehensive plan, without spending hours researching or running all over the place. Our mission is to provide a simple, complete solution preventing pain from disrupting your active lifestyle. Say goodbye to confusion, waste of money, and lack of accountability that other plans may bring. Embrace the Connected Movement experience, where we eliminate the hassles and bring back the joy and efficiency of living a healthy, active life. Visit us today, and let us put you on the path to optimal performance and well-being!

6651 Vineland Road Suite 170, Orlando, FL 32819

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