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Tropical storms and hurricanes are common in Florida and begins June 1 and ends November 30. 

These storms impacting the Winter Garden area directly are low, but it is smart to be prepared as storms can change quickly and bring hazards in many forms. Staying up to date and informed is critical in making decisions to protect your family and home.


Pick a news station that you find most reliable to provide you information to make smart decisions. You can also download the OCFL Alert app to be notified on your mobile.

OCFL Alert App



Although Winter Garden is not along the coast and not in any major evacuation zones, check your home location to see if you are susceptible to flooding. If you plan to evacuate, know what city you are going to and where you will be staying.


Know the difference between depressions, storms, and hurricanes.


Tropical Depression

Maximum sustained winds below 39 mph

Tropical Storm

Maximum sustained winds below 73 mph


Sustained winds above 75 mph

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Category 1

74 - 95 mph

Hurricane Cat 2.png

Category 2

96 - 110 mph

Hurricane Cat 3.png

Category 3

111 - 129 mph

Hurricane Cat 4.png

Category 4

130 - 156 mph

Hurricane Cat 5.png

Category 5

157 mph & Up


Basic Supply List

This list is based off FEMA’s Emergency Supply List. Be Prepared for any situation.

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Prepare Your Pets

Pets are important to your family, they need to be included in your family’s emergency plan.

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Pet Friendly Hotels

Search for hotels that are pet friendly and will provide an amazing experience for you and your pets.

Local Businesses that have the items you need

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  • Target

  • Lowe's

  • Petsmart

  • Staples​

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We’re in your neighborhood and here when you need us. Your local Ace is an essential retailer and is open for business, or you can order online and pick-up in store or we’ll drop off curbside or deliver to your home.


Emergencies call 911

Non-Emergency Information


Social Service and Mental Health


For Utility Outages:
Duke Energy: 1-800-228-8485
Apopka Gas emergency: 1-800-542-3344
Orange County Utilities: 407-836-5515

FEMA: 1-800-621-3362

Traffic: 511