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Meet Ron

In Winter Garden's 2nd District, Ron serves as a committed Commissioner and the "voice of the people," with three years of unwavering service and a 100% attendance / voting record. A US Navy veteran, his leadership has spurred prosperity, introducing new services and events, fostering community unity without raising city taxes. Ron champions a unified vision for Winter Garden, striving for a legacy that bridges differences. As the only official with perfect attendance and decision-making participation, he ensures comprehensive issue understanding and engages directly with communities, saving neighbors nearly $4,000,000.

Ron's fiscal prudence is notable, managing over $200M in city budgets while maintaining one of the lowest millage rates in Orange County, thus avoiding tax increases and long-term debt. His people-centric leadership involves direct resident interactions, emphasizing the importance of community feedback in city planning.

Looking forward, Ron aims to broaden his outreach, improve park services, complete Tucker Ranch Wellness Park, and advocate for sensible development and community engagement. Settled in Winter Garden since 2017, Ron's diverse background and commitment to community service reflect his inclusive leadership style. His bid for a second, final term underscores his dedication to Winter Garden's growth, supported by a firm belief in term limits, and a commitment to being an independent voice, providing oversight and accountability, ensuring the community's voice remains at the forefront of city governance.

No culture wars. No extremism. Just a united community working together.

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